High Speed Internet Facility

We have fast, Dedicated PC’s for web surfing. and all have web cameras and head sets attached.

We have installed all major web browsers,Microsoft  Office and Important Add-on programs for helping for successful web browsing. Eg:/ Java

Mobile Top-Up & International Calling Cards

TalkHome,Vectone,Delight,available from £5.00 and More than 30 Different Calling cards available From £1.00,We also offer some discount price for Lycamobile & Lebara Mobile Vouchers.

£5 Voucher Selling Price £4.80

£10 Voucher Selling Price £9.60

Colour & Black/White Printing

Every computer in our Internet Cafe is connected to the printer. You can print directly from our computers or bring your documents on a USB drive/memory stick, CD or DVD and we will print them for you.

Photocopy Service also available.

Scanning and Faxing Service.

We can scan your documents and save them on a USB drive/memory stick, CD or DVD or email them to you. We scan in formats “.pdf” and “.jpg”.

We offer international and UK faxing service.

You can also receive faxes either from the UK or abroad.

Price List

Printing/Copying(From Your USB Memory)  

Black & White       => 10p Per Page

Colour (Text only)  =>50p Per page

(Print from Internet=>50p Extra Charge for PC)

Colour Scanning  => 50p Per Page

Faxing chargers per page

02 Numbers => 50p

07,08,01 & 03 Numbers => 0.80P

International Numbers => £1.70

Fax Receiving  => 0.60p

Please note  We Accept  only cash

Price Update  25-06-2016

Computer Repair Service

We repair all  makes of Laptops,For unsure problem or faults, such like- No power, not boot up, no display, blue screen, freezing, rebooting, cuts off,water spilt, dropped, etc...We repair Apple Mac as well..Our most of services done by same day.

Internet Access

30 Minutes => 0.50 Pence (Min Time & Charge)

1 Hour       => 1.00 Pound

For more Services,Please see our “About Us “Page…