Apart from our main service, we offer  the following useful services

1)Cheap Mobile Phone Sale.
2)Phone charger sales
3)Different Type of Mobile Phone Covers
4)Stationary sales
5)National /International Calling Service.
6)Different type of data Cables.
7)Micro SIM Cutting Service
8)Soft Drinks
9)Blank CD,DVD and Burning Service.
10)Head Phone & Web camera Sale.
11)Keyboard,Mouse  Computer accessories.
12)Mobile Phone Battery’s
13) USB Memory sticks,Mobile Phone Memory Cards,Camera Memory Cards…etc..
14)Ria money Transfer Service
Maryland Internet Cafe Located on the Leytonstone road, in the town of Stratford ,next to the meditation shop.
We provide high-speed Internet access in a comfortable relaxed atmosphere with a helpful friendly service.

Maryland Internet Cafe is the ideal place for travellers, holiday makers and locals who want to catch up with the news from home country,print your travelling tickets, update your blog or update your status on your Facebook. Printout your assignments.

We will offer a discount for huge printing,Scanning,Faxing and              
Photocopy jobs.also we have account system for Internet access for regular customers.

 At Maryland Internet Cafe you can surf the Internet with no  restrictions or limitations. In other words, you can download & install any kind of Software; we will take care of our system after every single user login

We always think about the customer privcey.our system configured to not keeping the Internet browser history and cache when you are finished using the computer. Also time to time we are clear the all the system customer left downloaded,installed programmes.

About Maryland Internet Cafe

Maryland Internet Cafe